Huge music, sports and wwe fan. A student at the uw. Member of ODK. Thaughts are my own. 7-time world champ in powerlifting #rowbrina r my fav Disney team.

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Those moments when you dig up a braille display that works with your mac laptop without any need for special drivers are the best. 1 day ago
If you have a question for a microsoft disability expert what would you ask them? 5 days ago
Boring Oregon has the Guide Dogs for the Blind school #liveday 5 days ago
I really need to go back to the gym. I have not been there in several weeks. First it was because we were... https://t.co/9J9wLjmhAE Nov 11th
To the person who is blowing the leaves out of my yard without being asked you are a wonderful spirit and a... https://t.co/NTqwClrxL6 Nov 10th
You feel old when "American Idiot" is on a clasic rock station. Nov 4th
Is it snowing in Tacoma it seems brighter and yet I hear things smacking the roof. Nov 3rd
@abbyforth I just sent you a zoom invite it isn't a scam it is a video conferencing app that is better than Skype in my mind. Oct 30th
If you think dogs can't count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then giving Fido only two of them.  ~Phil Pastoret Oct 30th
hmmm What time did this world series game start? Oct 30th
If I have a #docx file with alt text image description on it and I save it as a #html file will I lose the alt text image description? Oct 26th
Would @microsoft call your house to remove viruses & to tell you how to? Oct 25th
fyi @FormerBu is my hero aka Former FBI director James Comey. Oct 23rd
Good morning all. Today will be a wonderful day. I hope you have a wonderful day. Keep smiling and sending... https://t.co/3JqnbRSMUu Oct 23rd
Good night all. Today was a wonderful day. My family and I had the party for mom's birthday. Oct 23rd
How is life? Work was fun today. Oct 21st
the boss is awesome Oct 21st
I had a fantastic day today. Good night. Oct 21st
@theetedsmith I know a second grade teacher who can teach you the abc. Oct 21st
how many of my twitter friends know html and css coding? I want to send you something I wrote took me about 20 minutes. Oct 17th
You can learn much about yourself while reading to kill a mockingbird if it makes you uncomfortable. What does... https://t.co/z6sGmm0u4f Oct 16th
On Sunday October 15, 2017 you can watch goalball in #tacoma at the boys and girls club in tacoma an 66th. Oct 14th
Is lastest a word? It sounds wrong to my ears Oct 14th
I cannot hate anyone because I don't control the lives of anyone but myself. I cannot hate myself, only the... https://t.co/ReE4RWtgPn Oct 14th
"Christopher Columbus, as everyone knows, is honoured by posterity because he was the last to discover America.... https://t.co/pv1e1aPzJJ Oct 13th
Just saw @eminem tell it like it is @ the @bet awards. thx @youtube Oct 12th
@dovecameron Would be a fantastic Sabrina The Teenage Witch #fact Oct 12th
This headline is a no s sherlock: "India's high court rules having sex with child brides is rape." Oct 11th
Odd my @apple mac wont have VO read ALT Text on images in a .docx file while in continual reading mode. Not... https://t.co/o6VxfS5nSA Oct 11th
my laptop has skipe on it. nice! anyone have it? Thinking of getting an account. Oct 10th
How am I learning the Voiceover navigation commands? using @buzzfeed as a testingground. Oct 10th
omg my foot fell asleep Oct 10th
What amazes me is no one from @dove's marketing department with power said maybe we shouldn't release this... https://t.co/rINykodjLT Oct 9th
@sabrinaannlynn can make nothing bad. all songs are diamonds Oct 9th
@gameshakers @nickelodeon @danwarp I doug this out of my favorites list just for you. #cubansandwitch https://t.co/vLuGzAJzQb Oct 8th
I had Poutine for the first time today. merci quebec pour le plat. J'aime ça. Oct 7th
Anyone else think when Trump said "calm before the storm" it proved that the Imperius Curse is real? He said it in such a robotic voice. Oct 7th
I am happy to report that my #weekend has started. Time to enjoy @teennick @nickelodeon & @espn Oct 6th
UM did I miss the memo: wonderful is defined as something that is positive The shooting in LV isn't positive. Oct 5th
"Anyone who takes himself too seriously always runs the risk of looking ridiculous; anyone who can consistently... https://t.co/m2ssG1PChb Oct 5th
@rowanblanchard Venting on my blog is quite relaxing. I get to think and write at the same time. I also enjoy it... https://t.co/Ky0gUG13Fq Oct 2nd
Hi @google I cannot play @youtube videos on my IPhone. When I do I get a statement that worries me for I don't... https://t.co/niuR51ftBk Oct 1st
Tonights @gameshakers episode was brought to you in part by the letter O. as in: omg so good! @CreeCicchino... https://t.co/AJ38I8Ztn5 Oct 1st
My #pizza philosophy is quite simple. Order what you ordered last time because it was good. Why try something new... https://t.co/E3UZexlwsy Oct 1st
@rowanblanchard seems to be a fun person to hang out with. I like her voice when she smiles. Sep 30th
omg President William Taft was a hefty potus - 300 lb. Oh he was also a gop man who ruled the philippines Sep 29th
@uw I am reading a textbook with the word Transdisciplinary in it. Tried to google it but it makes no sense. Anyone know what it means? Sep 28th
my mom's @fitbit app lost a year and a half of data now she cant log in on the website. What's going on? Sep 27th
omg! ht @nyt: "A new poll of 2,200 adults by Morning Consult found that only 54 percent of Americans know that... https://t.co/GwoITim5ye Sep 27th
Just read about the shooting of Magdiel Sanchez - A mentally challenged, deaf man - was shot by police while standing on his porch. Sep 25th
Thank you whatever network this is for showing cops at 4:29 pm. Sep 24th
The @nyt article "At Florida Nursing Home, Many Calls for Help, but None That Made a Difference" angers me. Makes... https://t.co/LU7cXGJcK8 Sep 24th
what is fs2? Sep 24th
About to start work will fight with a Mac computer all morning. Sep 22nd
Done with work! Sep 21st
my god! The Modular Evolution braille display costs $9,995 for 64 braille cells; $12,995.00 for 88 braille cells.... https://t.co/XrdfxPGYkZ Sep 21st
starting work. Sep 20th
that call took a total of 1 hour 2 minutes Sep 19th
waiting for a phone call with the social security admin. Sep 19th
Is @google in #seattle? Sep 19th
I am done with work today. Sep 18th
@westwood1sports Budda Baker is a former @uw_football player, & yes his name is dope. Word! Sep 17th
Loving the @uw_football game 1st qtr and we are digging fresno's grave. Sep 17th
After my last tweet was posted wifi went out - odd! cue the twilight music Sep 16th
Hey Twitter what is an ak-47? read about it in the nyt story of the #STLVerdict. Machine gun right? Sep 16th
was waiting for a bus from 1:14 until 2:03 - at least it is sunny. Sep 15th
Is there a twitter account that can help me set up my @humanware bn apex w an @apple mac? Sep 13th
@999kisw did the blind man use a white cane Mike? Sep 12th
I am having chilly for lunch. Sep 12th
Ha Emma tapped out #nohashtagtonight #thankgod #raw Sep 12th
just found that siri is on my mac I'll be ok Sep 11th
trying to get on to the internet on a mac book how do I do that? Sep 11th
just had three cupcakes #therightthingtodo Sep 10th
@nickelodeon is it to late to eat an ice cream sandwich at 8:44 pm? Sep 10th
Do Video Games need to follow the wcag from the @w3c? Sep 10th
@dovecameron is in ga 4 a movie shoot - this shld b on her playlist https://t.co/KwttaD3ETT Sep 9th
I am glad it's the weekend Sep 9th
I have finally answered a very important personal question: laptop or tablet where do I stand? If the Braillenote... https://t.co/TeheTNgFPB Sep 8th
to my friends in fla stay safe and get out! Sep 8th
Tomorrow I will relearn how a laptop works. Have not used one in about a decade. Sep 7th
Just read about the bennet story. Doesn't shock me because society doesn't shock me anymore. I am no longer... https://t.co/eSZjHwCTNK Sep 7th
@dovecameron on twitter has the best tweets. Better than mine. Learning from the master. Sep 6th
I am reading the unearthly trilogy and I hate Christian. Feels like a i-am-better-than-you brat. Not my fav character. Sep 5th
I have a case of the mondays! ugh! It's Tuesday jerkface! Sep 5th
idk how they did it but the construction people managed to blow a breaker in my house, turn it back on, then fix... https://t.co/zK7IxEicOd Sep 5th
just followed @womensmarch thx @rowanblanchard 4 the link. Sep 5th
I hate the miz but I respect the Miz. #raw Sep 5th
I feel like I should publish my day in tweets then publish a post on my blog at the end of the day.What do you think? Sep 4th
"Life is a tragic mystery. We are pierced and driven by laws we only half understand, we find that the lesson we... https://t.co/O4Z5HcjOSB Sep 3rd
Dear firework launcher in Tacoma wa. You do realise it is 11:43 pm and no one wants to hear them? No? stfu Sep 3rd
I am craving a bagel but I don't need one. #realtalk Sep 3rd
I am enjoying cfb today. It is Saturday and that is what Saturday's are for. Sep 2nd
Ugh the apple list of voice over keystrokes sucks! All of them are smooshed together Let me make my own database. Sep 1st
Today I will be learning how to use voice over on a mac. Anyone have any good sources? Sep 1st
stale cheetos suck! Did I spell cheeto right? Sep 1st
Los Angeles will no longer celebrate Columbus Day good for you. All you need do is google him. Not a nice man.... https://t.co/3zrj8pc7XO Sep 1st
I will write a post about Harriet Tubman because she should be on the $20 bill and Steve Mnuchin is a moron. Aug 31st
I got my job friends! Today (August 30, 2017) is the first day of the rest of my life! Aug 31st
Don't mind me I am just spending the afternoon at the Seattle UW campus. What a glorious campus. Although getting... https://t.co/sNm7iQHi2n Aug 30th
Does anyone want to chat? Aug 29th