Huge music, sports and wwe fan. A student at the uw. Member of ODK. Thaughts are my own. 7-time world champ in powerlifting #rowbrina r my fav Disney team.

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hey Twitter I am thinking of making homemade ice cream sandwiches any tips? Ever done it? 1 day ago
Does anyone know when college football starts? #cfb? 2 days ago
Happy Birthday @ddlovato. Hope it is as wonderful as you are. 2 days ago
do bees have knees? 3 days ago
A thought for the day: I've learned that something constructive comes from every defeat. - Tom Landry 5 days ago
What do you think? I think being a liberal, in the true sense, is being non-doctrinaire, non-dogmatic,... https://t.co/LIinFT6ouA Aug 16th
"Feel what you do, but spread LOVE today. Spread LOVE everyday. Promote LOVE. Send LOVE out to the universe" - Marissa Blair Aug 16th
Omg 45: the facts are that a woman is dead, people brought weapons to a rally, and racism is real. Aug 15th
For dinner I had chicken and greenbeans on the grill. Yummy. Aug 14th
What happened in va last night was radical white domestic terrorism. #fact what else could it be? Aug 13th
I am loving the rain again. Nice sounds. Aug 13th
I had a hamburger for dinner. Cooked on the grill! #winning Aug 12th
I have not blogged for several days. Sorry about that. Will fix it soon. Aug 11th
@999kisw @mensroomlive Pb&j is my fav sandwich. Aug 10th
I had oatmeal, and coffee for breakfast. Aug 6th
I had cheetos and cheesey popcorn for lunch. Aug 6th
Just had the best smoked duck I have ever had. fyi it is two blocks from my house. #feels! Aug 4th
@999kisw @theetedsmith https://t.co/td38C7Ni3M -song Aug 4th
@999kisw Did Ted have a little coffee with his wisky? Aug 3rd
Today is my birthday! I got a cake Aug 2nd
that moment when you drop a lid to your tea and you cannot find it. Jul 31st
My body is declaring that it is time for bed. So, good night all. Jul 31st
I have a serge of blog posts coming out soon. Jul 31st
has anyone seen the emogi movie? What are your thaughts? Jul 30th
today is a lovely day. Mom is shopping & I am chillin like a villon :) Jul 29th
?do you have any questions for me? Jul 25th
Should I go for an internship or a job? Jul 14th
what does a social media maniger do? Jul 14th
Yes I am watching soccer in espaƱol Jul 14th
I just filled out an application for a Receptionist job at Senior Resource Group in Tacoma. Jul 12th
good night all. Tomorrow I will search for more jobs. Jul 10th
can anyone describe poppin fresh? aka the Pillsbury Doughboy Jul 10th
Everyone welcome @racheltalley25 to @twitter. she's my gf. Jul 9th
How is everyone tonight? Are you being smart while you drink? Jul 8th
@LinkedInHelp I forgot my password to linkedin. I tryed the change password page on your website. It wont go through. Jul 4th
@rowanblanchard @radiodisney I hope you are having a good day. Jun 28th
I really need to spend some time tomorrow to do a job hunt. Jun 28th
A thought for the day: No persons are more frequently wrong than those who will not admit they are wrong. - Francois de La Rochefoucauld Jun 27th
Guys I like crime shows I think I am weird Jun 27th
A thought for the day: You will never understand bureaucracies until you understand that for bureaucrats... https://t.co/9Fg8F3drAh Jun 26th
My house smells like browneys! Jun 24th
fyi Well I just graduated. Will miss you @uwtacoma Jun 14th
A thought for the day: Joseph Joubert wrote, Children need models more than they need critics. Jun 14th
#SessionsHearing recuse is defined as: challenge (a judge, prosecutor, or juror) as unqualified to perform legal... https://t.co/5BAUNvpsxx Jun 13th
@rowanblanchard Jun 10th
@wordpressdotcom when I use the poll shortcode over email how many options can I make? Jun 9th
just followed @LindseyStirling because of her chat on @radiodisney Jun 8th
it is telling that Cnn, and MSNBC are not covering the attack in Iran's parlament when they spent hours on the... https://t.co/2c9abUE2tb Jun 7th
I am looking for a fun list idea any ideas? Jun 6th
Just finished my last paper as an undergrad. The next paper I write will be a grad paper. Jun 5th
A thought for the day: Here is the truth: The Earth is round, Saddam Hussein did not attack us on 9/11, Elvis is... https://t.co/D3jMZUbgod Jun 5th
I love you all #OneLoveManchester Jun 4th
A thought for the day: Bill Clinton said in 2013 a great democracy does not make it harder to vote than to buy an assault weapon. Jun 3rd
A thought for the day: We should never permit ourselves to do anything that we are not willing to see our children do. - Brigham Young Jun 2nd
I like Kathy Griffin I find her funny this isn't one of those times. May 31st
minutes] A thought for the day: Ninety percent of the politicians give the other 10 percent a bad reputation. - Henry Kissinger May 31st
@alexirob @jaimsvanderbeek When you spell something wrong what does the computer do? May 29th
blog is taken care of May 29th
The drama between people at 11:46 pm is always lovely when they scream yes beeing sarcastic May 26th
We got to love one another. With out that love will the sun shine as bright? May 23rd
From my pal Kelsey on FB: "trust is like your credit score. Once you break it, it takes a long time to rebuild it" May 22nd
@rowanblanchard You are awesome ms. Blanchard. So are you @dovecameron #queensoftwitter May 22nd
took my quiz. will get score back soon. May 19th
Can anyone describe the color of Smog? I am writing a paper. May 19th
Have a math test today send me good vibes please? May 18th
film in class yes! May 17th
how is life? May 17th
fyi done with my homework May 17th
Free coffee from @uwtacoma i'm in! #SeniorWeek May 15th
just about 13 or so cars with flashing lights and sirens sped by heading east on 6th ave crossing pine. Anyone... https://t.co/MJdakLp0a8 May 14th
"washing one's hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not... https://t.co/MrMGcWihwK May 13th
time for another test May 11th
Time for a test May 10th
It is a lovely day. Sitting outside. May 10th
Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. Malcolm X May 9th
Question of the day: what is the most effective strategy you have used for passing a test? May 8th
Great news! I got all my hw done. May 7th
night all. May 7th
when is mother's day? May 7th
Hey @madisonfaithhh_ your attitude toward those who would insult you is inspiring. Have a wonderful day and keep smiling. May 4th
Getting ready for a presentation by Patrisse Cullors co-founder of #blacklivesmatter May 3rd
hey Twitter I have a visual question What is the color of wheat? May 2nd
Life is fantastic! May 2nd
I have a feeling that Piper (@ellaanderson4u) will learn the truth. #HenryDanger May 2nd
Retraction: Will not watch #HenryDanger nor #forensicfiles because homework is going longer than I thought. Apr 30th
Dr. Daniel Wildcat is awesome! So wise. Look up his videos if you are a fan of saving the climate Apr 28th
In class now Apr 27th
Joyce Brothers said, The best proof of love is trust. Apr 27th
Time for my phil exam Wish me luck plz Apr 25th
I am going to teach on Wed. #disabledtwitter what advice do you have for future teachers about disability? Apr 25th
from class the average age for suaside in the us is between 10-14. wow! Apr 24th
I think @mileskisw is high! Apr 21st
retraction: @mileskisw is not stoned mike is! Apr 20th
@mensroomlive Fyi: I think @mileskisw @theetedsmith @thrillkisw are stoned. Apr 20th
Can Anyone describe the look of the unicorn frap from @starbucks? Apr 20th
@mileskisw & @theetedsmith are high #weedweek @999kisw @mensroomlive Apr 19th
just got word that I have no educ class. get out of school before noon. Apr 19th
@mensroomlive @999kisw FYI@theetedsmith is high because he's to quiet. If I recall he was the same last year Apr 18th
Some friends tried to eat meatless meat. It recked them! Apr 17th
I just got in to grad school @uwtacoma Apr 13th