Huge music, sports and wwe fan. A staff member at the uw. Member of ODK. Thaughts are my own. #rowbrina r my fav Disney team.

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Thank you @google for reminding me about the @radiodisney music awards that air on Saturday. #fb You are my hero. 3 hours ago
Yes I am a nerd, I have a work voice on my braillenote touch this is different than the play voice the work voice is british #fb 1 day ago
omg they are playing Double Dair on @teennick thanks guys #fb #oldschool 3 days ago
@linkedin Daer folks I am not happy with the moble app at all. I plugged in my email address and the correct... https://t.co/7UtSjeB1Pg 3 days ago
okay the @buzzfeed app is fantastic on @android #fb it is easier than https://t.co/k8p2nn8PE1 which is easy... https://t.co/apZ69HZ9fy 4 days ago
Hey all 46 years ago Watergate happened ht upi: In 1972, the Watergate scandal began with the arrest of five... https://t.co/xht47UWQJ9 5 days ago
#fb follow me on @instagram @tyler.goes.to.china (will fix name if I can) 5 days ago
#fb My house smells like cake for tomorrow will try and take a pic Jun 9th
Compassion is not weakness, and concern for the unfortunate is not socialism. - Hubert H. Humphrey Jun 7th
Does anyone code on my friends list? I am learning html on my own and I have questions Jun 6th
Dear @sxm_help @siriusxm your app is not working at all. When I go in it says "Something went wrong. Please try again. 2003" Hope this helps Jun 4th
Thank goodness I never delete an email. May help me with finding a job. @uw @google #fb Jun 1st
@sch4blind I just followed your Youtube account fyi. Jun 1st
I hope their is a season 3 love you @bellathorne May 31st
Does anyone use #chrome extensions and if so, what are your favorite? May 29th
How are you all plans for the long weekend let me know ie blow my notifications up! #fb May 27th
Nothing better than normal chips #fact #fb May 26th
Today was a productive day #fb 1 May 24th
#realtalk dude is pacing back-and-forth in front of the busstop while on the phone. May 23rd
Just found @googleseattle on twitter. I wonder what they do there? Would love to work for google in some capasity... https://t.co/ZIE763BaFU May 21st
I am proud to have you all as my oomf squad. Thanks for being good friends. May 21st
fyi Lava cake is hot and yummy af #fb May 20th
I am going to play with a mindmap app today. May 18th
Hey @piercetransit was on the rout 1 driven by michele around 8:15 am today she held up and waited for me to get... https://t.co/c3195XW4BE May 17th
quick question Where on the twitter #android app can one find the settings? May 14th
What is the best donut type in your mind May 14th
#fb good night all try and stay out of trouble if you can? Tmw I will be streaming #youhavebeenworned #life #bnt... https://t.co/Sr9Olg0TJA May 14th
@knfbreader I am trying to use the @humanware braillenote touch with you and @dropbox. I want to have knfb reader... https://t.co/dc8sxPfyJ7 May 11th
#fb how is everyone? I need to get twitter on my tablet May 10th
#fb my touch is here! enough said! May 7th
Per the ap: On May 6, 1965, guitarist Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones came up with the riff that formed the... https://t.co/3bOO3S4Yvs May 7th
#fb feliz puede 5 mis amigos. planes para esta noche May 6th
#fb saw a woman play poquimon go while on the bus - another woman gave a guy change so someone could ride the bus. #keepitclassy May 3rd
#fb I have a Youtube video that I want some advice on. May 3rd
Good night all. #fb Apr 30th
#fb does Rapunzel have blonde hair? Apr 30th
#fb A thought for the day: When free discussion is denied, hardening of the arteries of democracy has set in,... https://t.co/pYcvAY6NyT Apr 29th
Ok Fortnite fans what is DUSTY DEPOT I saw it in a Youtube Video. Apr 28th
#fb I have a list of apps to review the best way to do this is on Youtube. Apr 23rd
Today will be quite sunny. Roling in to work early so I can leave early Apr 23rd
@ddlovato I am watching Forensic Files as I write this. Apr 21st
@madewithgoogle @gmail @google Hi google family, I am using the google pixel and ran in to an issue with the... https://t.co/sXZoGggvTP Apr 21st
minutes According to the ap: "In 1999, the Columbine High School massacre took place in Colorado as two students... https://t.co/130Ku0hmyY Apr 20th
@comcastcares Audio Description on KIRO CBS is back yay! Apr 20th
@rowanblanchard retweets powerful stuff. Even though she doesn't tweet much herself you know she's active. Apr 18th
RIP Barbra Bush #fb Apr 18th
I had a great day at work. Apr 17th
This is powerful. rt if you agree. "A closed country is a dying country... A closed mind is a dying mind. Edna Ferber Apr 17th
If you like a tweet you will get a reply back. #fact. Apr 16th
Mom just made Banana Bread Apr 16th
Remember when @nickelodeon had teen shows audio described? If you wern't watching ICarly then you didn't ever see it. Where did it go? Apr 15th
Tomorrow should I do a live stream? If so, what about? #fb. Apr 14th
Joy of Painting is fantastic to listen to. Apr 14th
I should watch more ESPN rather than MSNBC better drama on ESPN. Apr 13th
Is everyone having a good night? Apr 13th
Was on a bus today passenger did something which caused the driver to ask him to leave. He refused and held up... https://t.co/nHbfE3su16 Apr 12th
I have a big day today. I will be reviewing app lists #fb Apr 11th
Good night all. Apr 10th
My mom said "their was a fair add?" I channeled my inner Piper @ellaanderson and sied heavily Apr 10th
I think this was the best #WrestleMania card ever - if not, very close. All the people I wanted to win did. like if you agree. #fb Apr 9th
How many of you like Undercover Boss? #fb Apr 8th
I found a new sport to me called lacrosse. It is defined as "a team game, originally played by North American... https://t.co/Mmp55EHnmJ Apr 8th
Good morning all. What are your plans for today? #fb Apr 7th
Like if you are having a good day. That got a tun of likes yesterday. Let's keep it going! #fb. Apr 6th
wtf shots fired at the @youtube building. Hope @teamyoutube are ok. & the rest of the crew. Apr 3rd
Good morning all. Apr 3rd
according to @clevertv per @youtube: #riverdale returns for a third season. When will sabrina the teenage witch start? Apr 2nd
Good morning all. Any plans for today? Apr 2nd
Good morning all. Apr 2nd
@999kisw @bjshea If you want to know how to do things while blind I can give you tips Mar 29th
@999kisw I was at the bank of america tower on the 25th flor when the dome went boom. Yes I saw the dust. will never forget. Mar 28th
hey @teamyoutube where can I go on the app to find what is going on live? Mar 26th
Will go live on twitter in under an hour. Please join me. Mar 26th
Why can't they do both? If we had no gun violence then we'de not need CPR done as freequently. - Former Sen. Rick... https://t.co/haNil64EPF Mar 26th
Hey all I have notifications set for my Youtube channel. Mar 25th
this is the first time people want to watch 60 minutes in years. Mar 25th
How is life friends? What are your plans for Sunday. I will rt them. Mar 25th
@nickelodeon can you spread the word about @resistbot? It can help you find and contact your gov officials. Mar 24th
I don't plan on marching tomorrow but i plan on writing hope that is ok. #marchforourlives Mar 24th
I think I will stick with yt gaming because I already have a youtube account. Mar 21st
@teamyoutube quick question: if I use Youtube Gaming and I choose to go live will it pop up on my normal Youtube Channel? Mar 20th
What is for dinner? Mar 20th
who's watching #raw tonight? Mar 20th
@talkback from #google is a powerful screen reader that is clear enough for a conversation to be started between... https://t.co/irOOlFGRqU Mar 19th
Morning all. Thank you sky, thank you air, thank you water, thank you friends! Good morning all. Today will be a... https://t.co/OtOjjTIQmf Mar 19th
Good night @jamesvanderbeek Mar 19th
Have a new yt video coming soon. Mar 19th
@nickelodeon fav choice youtube music creator is the perky @itsjojosiwa #kca2018 Mar 18th
@bjshea Just read that Iheartradio filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Mar 15th
@google makes it so easy to upload files to drive from your gmail. Thanks Google! Mar 14th
it is hard to focus Mar 12th
@youtube @teamyoutube @ytcreators as a blind youtuber I am loving the structure of the yt studio app very... https://t.co/vf1QSztwty Mar 12th
Mark your calendars Trump is going to California on Tuesday. Oh the drama. Mar 11th
Hi all how are you all today? Thank you sky, thank you air, thank you water, thank you friends! Good morning all.... https://t.co/crrVENXgYV Mar 9th
Good night friends! Mar 9th
Never say you're sorry. It's a sign of weakness. and Don't ever accept an apology from someone that just sucker-punched you. Mar 9th
How are you all today? Is today going well for you? What are you having for lunch? Mar 8th
I am so happy with my 5 subscribers because you are lit! If you want to join my youtube channel it is in my bio. Mar 8th
I wonder if @Panopto offers #audiodescription & #closedcaptioning w their videos for #blind & #deaf users. Mar 7th
Thank you sky, thank you air, thank you water, thank you friends! Good morning all. Today will be a wonderful... https://t.co/zanxFD5m9g Mar 7th