Huge music, sports and wwe fan. A staff member at the uw. Member of ODK. Thaughts are my own. #rowbrina r my fav Disney team.

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A scammer called me twice in under 30 minutes saying that I need to call them back and contact apple support... https://t.co/KtFYVKGAyS 1 day ago
Just herd about how the Florida legislature voted to not even take up the issue of the lax gun laws in their... https://t.co/dcMYmsNIuH 1 day ago
Anyone else find it ironic that a blind person likes the idea of mindmaps @uw @uwtacoma 1 day ago
@nickelodeon @nickradio @teennick The Sunday before a Monday off are the best. fact! rt if you agree 2 days ago
just heard the Fergy national anthum at the #nba all star game - good lord! my ears! 2 days ago
Apparently Jeff Jarrett is going in to the @wwe hof? Last time I saw Jeff Jarrett he was on TNA or Global or whatever they call it now. 2 days ago
I am off to bed. Good night all! 2 days ago
This is my reaction to Bison: https://t.co/PG2LmU0hsF... https://t.co/5JhCQwB1e6 2 days ago
According to @google the largest snowflake was 15 inches wide - 8 inches thick. 3 days ago
@disneychannel has DCOM @nickelodeon has NOM which makes me think of food. Nick wins! 4 days ago
OMG Mr. Mouse got screwed 5 days ago
Disney has a zombie movie tonight: Zombies, A zombie and a cheerleader work together to show the town of Seabrook... https://t.co/cCTdyj1ibZ 5 days ago
hmmm I find it quite odd that the house only had the audio read out the summary of hddr 620 sections 1,3,5. What... https://t.co/3K17KZRyJK 6 days ago
This father on #msnbc is dropping trooth today. #parkland 6 days ago
@999kisw I have no brothers or sisters & I am weirded out my god! Feb 14th
Ok Babe and Henry must ship #benry or #habe Feb 12th
@sch4blind Congrats to the WSSB Powerlifting team. At the time of this writing idk the numbers but I know you did well. Feb 11th
My mother reacted to Tonga's Pita Taufatofua as anyone with eyes would - heavy sie and woop Feb 10th
@uw bet you the answer is yes https://t.co/DQxUd8En7v ers-do-you-participate-in-the-disability-equality-index-survey Feb 9th
had a guy on the bus ask "who was Abraham Lincoln? Couldn't tell if he was being sarcastic. Feb 8th
No Mr. Kelly Rob Porter isn't a good man - any man who beats a woman isn't. We as a society need to be better.... https://t.co/aitNwvLet4 Feb 8th
@kiro7seattle @comcastcares IDK who to contact but, the local CBS channel has no audio description it hasn't had it since Thursday. Feb 7th
@rowanblanchard Feb 4th
@dovecameron Feb 4th
No @gracehsullivan idk how that worked out https://t.co/fWcOxs4pmn Feb 4th
A thought for the day: Robert Frost said, Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing... https://t.co/Dg39dvJMBh Feb 3rd
@rowanblanchard is the queen of cool #fact she uses her station to speak her truth Feb 3rd
My word I was 13, 14 years ago on this date In 2004, Janet Jackson has a wardrobe malfunction in her appearance... https://t.co/tYudnoSZ1E Feb 2nd
Just had a thaught: Yay I can now download the @eat24 app on my android phone. Feb 1st
that moment when you are looking through the friddge and you come across pizza from two days ago. Jan 29th
@WebMD helped me with an issue I had. According to the website all I had to do was drink more water. Jan 27th
barf can Brady retire soon? Jan 21st
1/4 of those children who are in the u.s. educ system have a vision issue according to an add I saw a few minutes ago. Jan 21st
@teennick is fantastic they are playing all the new shows #TheThundermans and #NRDD @ the same time as @nickelodeon east coast. Jan 21st
Well, the U.S. government has been shuddered. it's 10:03 pm pst 1:03 est Jan 20th
@comcastcares I am in the Sea market and ch 352 KFFVDT5 isn't being shown. Jan 19th
@googleaccess Is their an email address where if we should find ourselves with an issue we can email you guys and... https://t.co/8zvlplA0C4 Jan 18th
@mensroomlive @999kisw my god Big Nasty is the bomb Jan 16th
i refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that... https://t.co/NHExAQXilO Jan 15th
those days where you have not much to do at work. That is the day I face today January 10, 2018 Jan 10th
@tylershepard223 still waiting dr is in now Sent from my iPhone Jan 4th
@uwtacoma could you describe the image for the blind users who follow you? Sent from my iPhone Jan 4th
RT @RowanBlanchard: RT @es_snipes: When you report this you remember she was human: mother, daughter, sister,... https://t.co/PCfi9IEQ3N Jan 4th
@RowanBlanchard glad you two are such good friends have a great 2018 Sent from my iPhone Jan 4th
I am chillin waiting for the eye doc a Sent from my iPhone Jan 4th
With that friends the @seahawks season fizzles. Sadly we wont be in the playoffs. Good luck to every NFC team. Still hate you Bill B. Jan 4th
Good morning, I feel stupid for asking this, but what is a selfie video? Dec 28th
@mayaleclark has a cool super power on tv. No airport travel necessary. Dec 28th
feliz navidad Twitter Dec 25th
It is snowing in Seattle Washington for the first time since 2008. #whitechristmas @jonathanmosen #mushroomfm Dec 25th
Anyone who puts The Krusty Krab as his/her job is cool in my book. #nickelodeon @nickelodeon Dec 25th
I just found @ellaanderson on Twitter. she is coolio. Dec 22nd
Ate to many cheese puffs and now don't want dinner. Dec 22nd
It is hard to disregard politics when the house/sen keeps :p on your life. Dec 20th
Any member of congress who votes for this #taxscambill should be on a your fired list. #votethemout Dec 17th
@bjshea This headline from @mashable makes me want to see the movie sooo much: 'the last jedi' destroyed me and i... https://t.co/6UoAAsRyPY Dec 16th
@freeform fyi I am watching @bbrendasongfte Dec 15th
Just got a card from my job that read "You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer... https://t.co/DwOOffg6S9 Dec 15th
Today was a great day because I get a new hat @ work. Dec 14th
I agree with the wise mt @ava dear alabama Remember the best of yourselves. You've done it before. Selma marches.... https://t.co/c1epzwwWtK Dec 13th
Read the article INSIDE TRUMP'S HOUR-BY-HOUR BATTLE FOR SELF-PRESERVATION from the NEW YORK TIMES. It is a fun... https://t.co/1UWhMYpDw1 Dec 9th
Man I love @icarly Freddy's mother is a ball of wackyness. Dec 8th
Time to work Sent from my iPhone Dec 5th
Who do I tweet if I have a #ueb question? Dec 4th
Good morning all. Dec 4th
I spent a minute watching the greg gutfeld show on @foxnews. Mr. Gutfeld and I don't see eye-to-eye. Not a fan flipped to dateline. Dec 3rd
@imstevemigs Twas twenty-two nights before christmas, when all through the house, Not a texter was sturring... https://t.co/npDV4NKUos Dec 1st
My latest video: https://t.co/g0LgEMWh6W Pe59cCFQcpfwod-e8IUjILYzQtb3ZlcnZpZXdaGFVDQWdGVTVTbnViVlo3dkxqckV... https://t.co/mSkgJ3NDr4 Dec 1st
The only time you hear Bean Crosby is at Christmas time. Dude is still making bank years after White Christmas... https://t.co/DCCcZpdiRk Dec 1st
How is everyone on this November 30, 2017? it is 7:08 am when I write this. Nov 30th
I don't have the @Youtube app on my phone and I want to upload a #video to Youtube can you upload via email? Nov 28th
Anyone know where on the #mac I can change my #braille input and ouput to #UEB? Nov 27th
fyi @youtube is a rabbit whole of randumness at 11:37 pm and I cannot hang out anymore. Good night! Nov 27th
Wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving. https://t.co/DL8KIkSvWS oogle Nov 24th
Hi all. I like the UEB #braille #code. It makes typing much easier. Nov 22nd
Those moments when you dig up a braille display that works with your mac laptop without any need for special drivers are the best. Nov 20th
If you have a question for a microsoft disability expert what would you ask them? Nov 16th
Boring Oregon has the Guide Dogs for the Blind school #liveday Nov 16th
I really need to go back to the gym. I have not been there in several weeks. First it was because we were... https://t.co/9J9wLjmhAE Nov 11th
To the person who is blowing the leaves out of my yard without being asked you are a wonderful spirit and a... https://t.co/NTqwClrxL6 Nov 10th
You feel old when "American Idiot" is on a clasic rock station. Nov 4th
Is it snowing in Tacoma it seems brighter and yet I hear things smacking the roof. Nov 3rd
@abbyforth I just sent you a zoom invite it isn't a scam it is a video conferencing app that is better than Skype in my mind. Oct 30th
If you think dogs can't count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then giving Fido only two of them.  ~Phil Pastoret Oct 30th
hmmm What time did this world series game start? Oct 30th
If I have a #docx file with alt text image description on it and I save it as a #html file will I lose the alt text image description? Oct 26th
Would @microsoft call your house to remove viruses & to tell you how to? Oct 25th
fyi @FormerBu is my hero aka Former FBI director James Comey. Oct 23rd
Good morning all. Today will be a wonderful day. I hope you have a wonderful day. Keep smiling and sending... https://t.co/3JqnbRSMUu Oct 23rd
Good night all. Today was a wonderful day. My family and I had the party for mom's birthday. Oct 23rd
How is life? Work was fun today. Oct 21st
the boss is awesome Oct 21st
I had a fantastic day today. Good night. Oct 21st
@theetedsmith I know a second grade teacher who can teach you the abc. Oct 21st
how many of my twitter friends know html and css coding? I want to send you something I wrote took me about 20 minutes. Oct 17th
You can learn much about yourself while reading to kill a mockingbird if it makes you uncomfortable. What does... https://t.co/z6sGmm0u4f Oct 16th
On Sunday October 15, 2017 you can watch goalball in #tacoma at the boys and girls club in tacoma an 66th. Oct 14th
Is lastest a word? It sounds wrong to my ears Oct 14th
I cannot hate anyone because I don't control the lives of anyone but myself. I cannot hate myself, only the... https://t.co/ReE4RWtgPn Oct 14th
"Christopher Columbus, as everyone knows, is honoured by posterity because he was the last to discover America.... https://t.co/pv1e1aPzJJ Oct 13th