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😍😍😍 “if he were to run for president in 2020, he would likely do so as a Democrat” https://t.co/4t56w0Hd5t 2 days ago
“The only resource that’s stretched thin is people that can make all that stuff happen.” https://t.co/vKEA1ClQzM 3 days ago
It’s not a cage it’s a chain link partition. https://t.co/JVOcQnMgl0 4 days ago
“When you exempt people from the law that creates a draw,” said the Border Patrol’s chief agent https://t.co/xTAOr7QMEG @countrytime 5 days ago
Restaurant review: Koks https://t.co/3Of7Cx3WfP 5 days ago
Remember how offensive it was when Michelle Wolf compared Sarah Sanders to a character from Handmaid's Tale? https://t.co/eJYHhH0Wi6 Jun 15th
From Zelda Power message boards to White Power podcaster. https://t.co/fJSFxLh0am Jun 15th
Arresting kids because they don't have the right piece of paper to... exist here is a top Republican priority https://t.co/1VRUiaIARi Jun 15th
Hassling kids because they don't have the right piece of paper to sell lemonade is big government https://t.co/wVD1T8lGNh Jun 15th
Song of the Decade 2kteens https://t.co/7vy6WFgOhY Jun 9th
A short history of towns. https://t.co/sobJSOLoXy Jun 8th
This Basic Jobs plan to decentralize agriculture and industrial production is just the Great Leap Forward https://t.co/sg98aZbhpW Jun 7th
Every paternalist argument against a UBI is also an argument for a 100% inheritance tax. Jun 7th
Republicans aren’t just opposed to illegal immigrants, they want to keep out more legal immigrants too. https://t.co/OwDv3RGDZe Jun 6th
“the weaker the cause for dismissal, the more it signified their own autonomy” https://t.co/Vq6EMki8pM Jun 6th
Want to stick with something familiar? https://t.co/GPi7BtBEZZ Jun 6th
Redesign the city for the next generation of transportation. https://t.co/RGJQLJwdS8 Jun 5th
“the Petersonian aesthetic of transgressive traditionalism” https://t.co/qtx2T4D2Dd Jun 3rd
The Martha Stewart trial hinged on whether one or two pens were used to write on a paper ledger https://t.co/qjp8XsC9CK Jun 1st
But for real Martha Stewart should have never been prosecuted. Jun 1st
Comey considered indicting Jayson Blair for mail fraud for making things up in the NYT https://t.co/wpTQEXCuE6 Jun 1st
@matt_levinePLEASE WELCOME THE HUMANITY-FREE GRAIN BOWL LUNCH https://t.co/OdRZKxs6yz May 31st
Make it a trippy, synthy eighties heist flick with Lando pulling off the score of a lifetime. https://t.co/SYBiJOlztZ May 30th
Do not like how this promotes a tragic choice as a noble self sacrifice. https://t.co/YMXHnMuNTc May 29th
Check out Seven Surrenders by Ada Palmer Seven Surrenders by Ada Palmer. 5/5. https://t.co/pKCc81KN7l https://t.co/xadeQpPVQC May 26th
“Small government” was a strategy to aid the R base and it will abandoned when its no longer useful. https://t.co/Hhz6nwOPmx May 26th
Forbidding dense development in one neighborhood is a recipe for gentrification in the next one over. https://t.co/y8uqV1eucn May 18th
An entire industry devoted to convincing white people that liberal elitists look down on them. https://t.co/zONaIwukTl May 18th
“He was definitely over the top,” said Dan Bilzerian. https://t.co/qYcxMJ1K93 May 18th
A Passion for Porphyry https://t.co/3fzKqp8ayu May 12th
“Everything we do is like Tide Pods. Everyone in this generation is semi-ironically, like, ‘We’re ready to die.’” https://t.co/y1V May 10th
The “intellectual dark web” is the Carlos Mencia of politics. https://t.co/GpAE8EIWS8 May 8th
I knew they changed the sirens around here https://t.co/1aPaR7nUgt May 4th
American Vandal season two https://t.co/8EvHvUx9XS May 3rd
Graft City https://t.co/ccOoHd4y6k May 3rd
Basque Group ETA Disbands, After Terrorist Campaign Spanning Generations https://t.co/igTPpm99IJ May 3rd
@mta @nyctsubway @NYGovCuomo The air conditioning in car 2286 is broken. May 2nd
“Couldn’t afford a car so she named her daughter Alexis” - Kanye https://t.co/hkFagDPLeV May 2nd