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D feeling sucks! Jul 5th
One things at a time.. Watever it is, always back to GRATITUDE.. Jul 4th
On 1 hand, Idk y i'm feeling like shit, on d otha hand, I shd actually expect it since a lot of pple hv bn sayg abt it. Jul 4th
Istikharah.. Something dat is lingering in my thoughts.. Jul 4th
On 1 end, I am a nice person, on d other end, I'm hvg diz thinking of "klu kau tak nak, aku lagi tak ingin!" Jul 4th
Things r happening for me & not to me.. I shall look at diz POSITIVELY! Jul 4th
Ya Allah.. Kecoh sekejap tadi. Nasib baik dah settle. Phew! May 17th
Gelak ketawa di pagi ramadan dgn ujian yg menguji kesabaran.. Heheh.. May 17th
Oh my.. I miss y'day fmspad & its a great one! :( May 11th
Its soo funny wen it is her own yg missing.. Hahaha.. Baru dia tau! Lol! May 8th
Y is it like a domino effect. 1 story ending is sad, another 2 more stories ending is also sad. :( May 4th
OT is not approved for 2 times already! Haiz.. :( Apr 26th
Semua yg terjadi atas dgn izinnya.. Aku berserah padamu. Apr 12th
How I wish I cld do my work very fast! Apr 10th
Part of me is glad I had dat talk wif her.. But part of me feels not good. Haiz.. Apr 10th
Need to keep reminding myself to believe in his plan for me... In shaa allah All will be for the better. Apr 9th
Haiz.. Early in d morning already make me unfocus. I need POSITIVITY! Apr 9th
I'm grateful for diz, but d thought of it is definitely making me unfocus & uneasy.. Haiz.. Apr 9th
Her voice sama mcm kakak dia Nelydia bila dia berlakon.. Mar 22nd
'Usaha' 'Berserah' 'Tawakkal' dan 'Redha' - Easier said than done.. Mar 15th
Ya Allah.. Ngantuknye.. Ya Allah, kurangkanlah sakit ku ini agar aku dpt buat kerje Feb 27th
Ya Allah, kau berikanlah aku & keluargaku kesihatan yg bagus. Jauhkanlah kami dari penyakit yg merbahaya. Feb 21st
Perot ni tak sedap pulak.. :( Feb 20th
Don't dare to check my personal email on the appeal. Not ready to see the answer. Heheh Feb 2nd
Am hooked wif #AlifIrsyad & #NuzulFilzah character & jln cerita. Tak jelak tgk eventhough dah byk kali. :) Feb 2nd
I will look this positively. I am d CHOOSEN ONE by him cause he knows that I CAN do it! Feb 2nd
Seriously I don't understand hw Coke Zero is w/out sugar but still taste sweet! Jan 31st
Ok, appeal done. Hope they wld enable back my acct. :) :( Jan 31st
Pagi² perasaan ni dah berkecamuk. Mcm nak amek cuti je. Haiz.. Jan 31st
Seriously I dnt noe wat i'm feelin rite nw. But 1 thing fr sure, I am NOT in d mood! Jan 31st
I noe dat I need 2 c diz positively. I need 2 b strong. But I think I need dat shoulder to lean on. :( Jan 31st
Diz is where I pour out ALMOST everything & anything. Thank you Allah.. :) Jan 29th
Was looking through my fb messenger & came across some old msges. Reading dem make me miss working in d social service sector. :( :) Jan 24th
Salute 2 all producers & crews 4 movies & drama. Dey definitely noe hw 2 choose d rite songs 4 d story. Jan 24th
Ya Allah,Kenapa lah hati ni asyik rasa mcm tak sedap eh? Like I'm worried abt something. Hmm.. Jan 22nd
Morning Every1, Lets start our day wif Bismillah & hope we end it wif Alhamdulillah. In shaa allah. Jan 22nd
Ya Allah, y m I hvg all diz thoughts in my mind? Wat r u trying to tell me? Jan 18th
Alhamdulillah.. Felling good & quite energize today. Ya Allah, teruskanlah beriku bimbingan mu. Jan 12th
MasyaAllah.. Ya Allah, kau berikanlah aku kesihatan yg baik Ya Allah. Jauhkan aku & keluarga dari penyakit² yg merbahaya. Dec 27th
Its a gr8 feelg wen u get 2 talk 2 yr old colleagues. Remind me of d good old days. Dec 26th
Woke up still sleepy. Haiz.. Nevertheless, syukur Ya Allah for giving me another day. Dec 26th
Today I learn quite a no of tips. Alhamdulillah.. Malu bertanya, kita yg rugi! :) Dec 22nd
Work 2 fast tryg 2 clear my work since its coming 2 end of d yr. End up hvg migraine! Dec 20th
Hmm.. Dunno y but I woke up feeling not too good today. :( Dec 19th
Hahaha.. Boleh hilang focus! Scroll up,scroll down. Up down up down. Lol Dec 15th
Nevertheless, still bersyukur. Ujian itu, tanda Allah sayangkan kita. :) Alhamdulillah. Dec 15th
Wat a morning today! Slept wif gd news, woke up wif both gd & bad news. Hahaha.. Dec 15th
Tiba² terasa nak mkn sotong kering masakan Abah Rahim.. Hmm.. Yummy².. Dec 12th
"If he brings you to into it, he will guide you through it and get you out of it." In shaa Allah.. Amin.. Dec 11th
I hv been hvg diz extra worries abt my future & at times for no reason. Haiz.. Ni pon boleh jadi stress. :( Dec 11th
All of a sudden, i'm blank. Don't noe wat work to do. Hahahah Dec 1st
On d other hand, I sooo can't wait fr weekend! Den, it'll b a 1 week break for me. Counting down! 2.5days more to go! Nov 29th
Moral of the story: Learn frm IT. Don't repeat it again. Hope I can. Haiz.. Nov 29th
Alhamdulillah, am feeling better today.. Nov 16th
These extra worries is giving me headache! Nov 15th
D word is MODERATION.. Wat is IMPORTANT.. Nov 15th
Wen do u actually noe dat d money u hv is already enuf? Nov 15th
Haiz.. All of sudden a lot of things is in my mind. Nov 15th
Is 1 really happy being a tai²? Is money really everything? But everythin nds money Nov 15th
Not really sure wat am I feeling nw. Haiz.. Nov 15th
I think mayb its a gd time for istikharah.. Haiz.. Nov 14th
I think I noe d answer but I still am worried if I'm making d right decision. I'm not confident. Hmm.. Nov 14th
In diz world tdy, 1 can go out leaving a wallet @ home but not his/her hp. LOL Nov 9th
Yay! Boss dah approve my leave! Alhamdulillah.. Nov 7th
Another 1 more new season TV series juz came up! Can't wait to watch! Nov 1st
Its ok my boy. There will always b a next time & yr health is more impt. Nov 1st
My son's feeling got cheated by d thermometer. Kesian dia tk dpt g excursion. Nov 1st
Age is really catching up. Can really feel sooo tired. Shd hv take 1 day leave instead. Oct 30th
Quite pissed wif diz lady. Taulah kau keje in d lawfirm, tak perlulah nk kasi dat lawyer attitude! Oct 26th
Buku & Adaptasi Drama is a bit diff. Nasib baik jln cerita & pelakon is gr8! Oct 26th
Smlm baru je ckp lepas yg boss nk kene treat fr our hardwork, skali niari AM yg pelawa. ;p Oct 25th
Congratulations my fren. U'll be a daddy in a few mths time. I'm sure she will b a beautiful daddy's little gal. Oct 21st
Its Friday & I'm not in d mood 2 work. & its not even lunch time. :( Oct 13th
I'm feeling <3 .. Syukur Ya Allah Oct 3rd
Alhamdulillah syukur ya Allah.. Wish fr a great & positive day today! Oct 3rd
Idky diz telemovie reminded me of #AwalktoRemember. Eventhough jln cerita tak really sama. Lol. Oct 2nd
Its a bad idea to listen to MLM at work. Make u look crazy laughing alone at yr seat. LOL Oct 2nd
Oh my #AHR, kenape lah yr acting skill is soo charming! Oct 2nd
Mengantok. Coffee or no coffee? Hmm.. Sep 28th
Part² tak bwk obatlah sakit tu nak dtg. Semlm @ dr tak nak dtg. Haiz.. Sep 28th
Cuaca sejuk gini klu dpt tdo best ni! *yawn* Sep 21st
Tmrw will be d NEW Season for NCIS & NCIS New Orleans! Wohoo! Sep 18th
Feels like eating begedil, but I can't bare the processing time to prepare it. Sep 11th
Self Reminder - "Don't Judge A Person By Their Looks".. Lets juz pray fr d best! Sep 11th
Like finally! Klu SEO tk buat bising, dia diam aje. Nasib baik lah ramai yg bising! Sep 8th
Keluarkan pymt file nk buat pymt, skali system expired. Lol! Sep 5th
A lot of things juz went through my mind randomly. So I juz type it out! Aug 30th
At times I do wonder.. Is diz really wat my fate is suppose 2 b? #WHATIF #randomthoughts Aug 30th
I came across diz "bukan takdir/nasib, tapi PILIHAN. But wen is it Enuf? Aug 30th
I dnt feel quit gd.. Hmm.. Aug 22nd
To watch or not to watch? #DiaBidadariku Aug 4th
Baru ingat nk tgk drama #DiaBidadariku,skali ending dia hanging ah. Ni yg tk best ni. Aug 4th
Sedap suara #ElizabethTan menyanyi lagu #Tabah.. I loike it! Aug 4th
@Atrory Tgk kat Rex Cinema kat Mckenzie Road, Little India. :) Aug 4th
Had a gr8 time watchg #kauyangsatu y'day! #AaronAziz & #HisyamHamid did a gr8 job! Aug 4th
@AzeanMollie K, lets whatsapp! ;) Aug 3rd
Body is feeling so tired lately. Mana dgn keep balik lmbt fr work, tdo lmbt at home. Haiz.. Aug 3rd
Plus hearing diz drama #urusanhaticikdramaqueen too Aug 2nd
I gez drinking d red bull diz mrng makes me like diz Aug 2nd