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Jonathan: Returning to G-d is exactly that: moving towards Him, spending time with Him, talking to Him and ... https://t.co/0PPU1fZDFi 5 hours ago
Tiferet Israel: We have been going out on the streets of Tel Aviv and sharing G-d's love for people in ... https://t.co/mTttbDQjMb 1 day ago
Daniel Juster: Although Messianic Jews have a distinct calling from God, they are part of the Body of the ... https://t.co/gxPeKJFjzZ 2 days ago
#Parasha Readings for Shoftim https://t.co/IamEsMpE67 3 days ago
Daniel Juster: Members of the Body who have a legalistic, critical bent (which is all too common among human ... https://t.co/zNn2nSRKe3 3 days ago
Kingdom Living/Mamlacha Chai have guest speakers Jerry and Jo Miller @jamiller777 this morning! https://t.co/17dRyQM6zO 4 days ago
Today @beitsimcha have a guest speaker teaching on Equipping for Jewish Evangelism https://t.co/VJpWJVPvFI 4 days ago
Join Kingdom Living/Mamlacha Chai tomorrow to hear Jerry and Jo Miller @jamiller777 https://t.co/17dRyR3Hrm 4 days ago
Eitan Shishkoff: Officiating at weddings always makes me ponder on my own marriage, and on that spiritual ... https://t.co/k5Mch4vHmv 5 days ago
Come along to @beitsimcha this Shabbat for special training on Jewish Evangelism https://t.co/VJpWJVPvFI 5 days ago
El Shaddai Congregation: Are you a man who attends Shoresh David, El Shaddai or Ahavat Yeshua congregations? https://t.co/6GlCndWDBU 6 days ago
This Shabbat Kingdom Living/Mamlacha Chai have special guests Jerry and Jo Miller https://t.co/17dRyQM6zO 6 days ago
Rabbi Michael Weiner: Psalm 25:10 "All Adonai's ways are lovingkindness and truth to those who keep His covenant ... https://t.co/U2VAGepZkH Aug 16th
Shomair Yisrael have Chad Holland @ChollandHerman speaking to them tonight @ 6pm https://t.co/9JaRjwXVB1 Aug 15th
Glenn Blank: For over 30 years, our guest has been a highly effective Messianic Jewish evangelist in the former ... https://t.co/UVbanOb9bJ Aug 15th
Interested in being equipped for evangelism? @beitsimcha iare hosting training this next Shabbat! https://t.co/VJpWJW774i Aug 14th
Tomorrow evening Shomair Yisrael have a midweek meeting with special guest Chad Holland @ChollandHarman from Israel! https://t.co/9JaRjwXVB1 Aug 14th
Eddie Santoro: Next month, we celebrate twenty years in Israel! https://t.co/WXShnbFsmp Aug 14th
Yevgeni Stanukevich: We asked some of you to pray for this year's Eagle Project trip to and now we want to share ... https://t.co/CugDJ4y7RM Aug 13th
#Parasha Readings for Re'eh https://t.co/pJn9ap3ojc Aug 13th
Don Finto special guest speaker at Shomair Yisrael this morning Aug 12th
Brit Hadasha are welcoming Chad Holland @ChollandHerman as their speaker today! https://t.co/TG5xwhGySG Aug 12th
Come along to Brit Hadasha tomorrow to hear Chad Holland @ChollandHerman from Israel https://t.co/TG5xwhY9Ke Aug 11th
Last reminder - Don Finto speaking at Shomair Yisrael's 20th anniversary Shabbat celebration tomorrow https://t.co/9JaRjwXVB1 Aug 11th
Patricia Juster: Dan and I are now settled back in Israel, investing in the lives of the young leaders here and ... https://t.co/bQetKRgBt8 Aug 11th
Is your diary clear for Shabbat? Then get down to Shomair Yisrael Aug 10th
Webmaster: 20 ... https://t.co/LHcIJrzS6T Aug 10th
Shomair Yisrael has invited everyone to join in their milestone celeration on Shabbat https://t.co/9JaRjwXVB1 Aug 9th
Michael Rudolph: This negative mitzvah, not giving ourselves to unlawful sexual desires, may seem obvious, but ... https://t.co/eAriwa3e2p Aug 9th
This Shabbat Chad Holland @ChollandHerman from Israel is speaking at Brit Hadasha https://t.co/TG5xwhGySG Aug 8th
Shomair's 20th birthday part on Shabbat - special guest Don Finto Aug 8th
David Shishkoff: The Bible says we are children of G-d, and I think we can learn some lessons from this concept ... https://t.co/Rxw7LStXui Aug 8th
Shomair Yisrael - started meeting in August 1997 https://t.co/9JaRjwXVB1 Aug 7th
Asher Intrater: I want to lead you through some of the chapters of the book of Daniel ... https://t.co/xrKqu9VOxL Aug 7th
Guess whose 20th annivesary on Shabbat Aug 6th
Rabbi Michael Weiner: Psalm 111:10 "The fear of Adonai is the beginning of wisdom. All who follow His precepts ... https://t.co/eOkvK1GRrn Aug 6th
#Parasha Readings for Eikev https://t.co/QMr96j8qLo Aug 6th
Ohev Yisrael: You're invited to ... https://t.co/B3tGk5il31 Aug 4th
Daniel Juster: When G-d moves in supernatural ways, do we look for theological stability or feel that the ... https://t.co/MPXj1MEROI Aug 3rd
Michael Rudolph: Would you believe that the Bible tells us not to share the gospel with people? Well, this ... https://t.co/U4YgBN62EN Aug 2nd
Have you signed up for the Living Free Women's Conference next weekend? https://t.co/mGJ6bKAHw5 Aug 1st
Rabbi Michael Weiner: Psalm 36:9(8) "They drink their fill from the abundance of Your House. You give them drink ... https://t.co/YsJQe6MQAQ Aug 1st
Webmaster: Tisha B'Av - the 9 ... https://t.co/MW7emytKLd Jul 31st
Michael Rudolph: The pages of the Bible repeatedly call us to prayer or tell stories about what happens when ... https://t.co/3Wq6uGUxzT Jul 30th
#Parasha Readings for Va'etchanan https://t.co/r5JDOQ5r6E Jul 30th
Bill and Dagmar Yount are coming to speak to the women's luncheon at El Shaddai today https://t.co/SdmvA8VsqJ Jul 29th
Don't forget - Remi Arnaud is ministering at Shomain Yisrael Jul 29th
Brit Hadasha have Ira and Gloria Brawer coming to teach tomorrow - don't miss it! https://t.co/TG5xwhGySG Jul 28th
Eddie Santoro: The scripture declares that "They overcame by the word of their testimony" so I am taking a ... https://t.co/FE2MMflxl2 Jul 28th
Rachel Netanel: We are privileged to be able to speak to IDF soldiers who are attending a special program in ... https://t.co/FE2MMflxl2 Jul 28th
Eddie Santoro: It's been an intense week. The nation is suffering a wave of terror and rioting that started when ... https://t.co/eUaJRNuo4a Jul 27th
Remi Arnaud (from Cypress) and family ministering at Shomair Yisrael on Shabbat https://t.co/9JaRjwXVB1 Jul 26th
Motti Cohen: At a Bar Mitzvah celebration, something wonderful happens. However, this testimony is about one of ... https://t.co/SdRJRnsrO2 Jul 26th
Come to Beth Shalom tomorrow to hear Rabbi Moran Resonblit and @GSilverPraise Greg Silverman https://t.co/msiUX6EAvk Jul 25th
Beth Shalom: special guests today Jul 25th
#Parasha Readings for Devarim https://t.co/s1HUGlzpyS Jul 25th
Eitan Shishkoff: It was a great surprise when I visited a museum and found a picture of myself hanging on the ... https://t.co/YhKJ6bbsGL Jul 25th
Rabbi Michael Weiner: Ps 37:37 "Notice the man of integrity and watch the upright - for the man of shalom has a ... https://t.co/NedyaU6yMs Jul 25th
Asher Intrater: We tend to think of "aggressive" as being a negative word, but did you know it can have a ... https://t.co/iILWv1MG6h Jul 25th
Rabbi Michael Weiner: Psalm 79:13 "So we, Your people, the flock of Your pasture, will praise You forever. From ... https://t.co/gsfyEh8NPK Jul 21st
Glenn Blank: Vladimir (Valodia) Bouryi and his wife Yulia Klimenkova will join us on Shabbat morning, July 22 ... https://t.co/cK0FoQHhjr Jul 20th
This Shabbat Beth Shalom welcome special guest Rabbi Moran Resonblit speaking https://t.co/msiUX6EAvk Jul 19th
Michael Rudolph: Salt is a symbol of life in the Bible; light is used as a sign of knowledge and understanding ... https://t.co/vusONgyAVr Jul 19th
Yevgeni Stanukevich: Many of us know the story of Messiah Yeshua walking on the water of the Kinneret (Sea of ... https://t.co/Gov1VXAGqG Jul 18th
This coming Shabbat Beth Shalom have @GSilverPraise Greg Silverman joining the worship team! https://t.co/msiUX6EAvk Jul 17th
Michael Rudolph: Just because some people may be embarrassed by this Mitzvah or think it is archaic, doesn't ... https://t.co/DvZmukEIP0 Jul 17th
Glenn Blank: Finally - after some years of prayer and work - we are so excited that we are able to break ground ... https://t.co/4wdUXq592h Jul 16th
Beit Simcha are breaking ground on their new synagogue today! Are you going to be there? https://t.co/ZLdVr3FzaP Jul 16th
Rabbi Michael Weiner: Psalm 9:9 "And He will judge the world in righteousness, and He will govern the peoples in ... https://t.co/4wdUXq592h Jul 16th
#Parasha Readings for Mattot/Ma'asei https://t.co/TS3KLZCqDg Jul 16th
Zemer Levav leading worship at Shomair Yisrael this morning https://t.co/d5bNO0AHfR Jul 15th
Zemer Levav Jul 14th
Eddie Santoro: In our latest newsletter, I reminisce about the past and gratefully recognise that long ago is ... https://t.co/W7MgfurOMo Jul 14th
Moshe Morrison: Most of us have all had what we would describe as a time when we felt as if we were in the ... https://t.co/W5GTi43vJ3 Jul 13th
You'll want to be at Shomair Yisrael on Shabbat - Zemer Levav Jul 12th
Michael Rudolph: The people of Israel were given the Promise Land - simple, isn't it? https://t.co/TqWfAivkis Jul 12th
Glenn Blank: The time has come to get out some shovels and break ground for our new building project! At last, ... https://t.co/vPZ6GDShHR Jul 11th
Daniel Juster: It is fifty years since the Six-Day War when Israel captured a lot of land; and the UN has issued ... https://t.co/2LWjiT2bCw Jul 10th
El Shaddai invite you to join them for the Miquedem concert this evening! https://t.co/SdmvA8VsqJ Jul 9th
Webmaster: Dan Juster is making a two day visit to Shalom Rome in Rome, GA. This friend of Tikkun America ... https://t.co/dTNm0Er39L Jul 9th
#Parasha Readings for Pinchas https://t.co/WaxvmVDYv9 Jul 9th
Tomorrow evening El Shaddai are hosting a Miquedem concert https://t.co/SdmvA8VsqJ Jul 8th
This morning Beth Shalom have guest Jeff Bernstein preaching this morning https://t.co/msiUX6EAvk Jul 8th
El Shaddai: Come to Baker Park to join the outreach with guests Dan and Melissa Davids! https://t.co/SdmvA8VsqJ Jul 8th
Tomorrow El Shaddai are at Baker Park with guests Dan and Melissa Davids to do outreach https://t.co/SdmvA8VsqJ Jul 7th
Beth Shalom have guest Jeff Bernstein sharing about the importance of evangelism tomorrow https://t.co/msiUX6EAvk Jul 7th
Glenn Blank: A dynamic evangelistic couple is coming this Shabbat service, July 8 ... https://t.co/FY5HVMfHDC Jul 7th
Webmaster: Today Dan and Patty Juster travel to Munroeville in PA to visit Shoresh David. Nathan and Susan Puro ... https://t.co/FPuS7ZlL36 Jul 6th
This next Sunday El Shaddai are hosting Miquedem for an evening of Messianic music https://t.co/SdmvA8VsqJ Jul 5th
Asher Intrater: Some dreams are no more than a passing flight of imagination, but one I had recently stayed in ... https://t.co/cWgvfLwywF Jul 5th
This coming Shabbat Beth Shalom have special guest speaker Jeff Bernstein joining them https://t.co/msiUX6EAvk Jul 4th
This Shabbat El Shaddai are joined by Dan and Melissa Davids for an outreach day in the park! https://t.co/SdmvA8VsqJ Jul 4th
Eddie Santoro: I firmly believe that when the Bible says we are the Light of the World, it means it! It's more ... https://t.co/zAVI0J2BkF Jul 4th
Rabbi Michael Weiner: Psalm 49:8(7) "No man can redeem his brother, or give to God a ransom for him." (TLV) ... https://t.co/aC6Wj55woW Jul 3rd
#Parasha Readings for Balak https://t.co/eCWZqsS1Se Jul 2nd
Ariel Blumenthal: After discussing what Jewish Roots really are last month, this month we look at the ... https://t.co/tbzwXpMxNl Jul 2nd
Webmaster: Today Dan Juster arrives in Wichita, Kansas for a two day visit to Remnant of Israel. This ... https://t.co/IYoYbYiGoN Jun 29th
Mati Shoshani: I saw the Kingdom of God is a new way when I visited a local vineyard ... https://t.co/yxOh4yu9LY Jun 28th
This coming Shabbat @danieljuster is speaking at @RemnantWichita Remant of Israel Messianic Synagogue in Wichita, KS https://t.co/Z55fS4WRu5 Jun 27th
This coming Shabbat @danieljuster is speaking at @RemnantWichita Remant of Israel Messianic Synagogue in Wichita, KS https://t.co/tfEcIHfEtA Jun 27th