I like to read, sing, teach, and relax with good people. Have been teaching Braille for almost 11 years.

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@gods_maria @lynnskyi I am relieved to have things working again. Jul 7th
@tonysohl @santaarnold @angelgirl1976 Sounds like a tasty meal and a good time was had by all last night. Hope today was a good one as well. May 30th
@kjw810 Cool.  I downloaded the first book of that series from BARD about 2 weeks ago.  Enjoy the reread. May 30th
@blindmaclover @lynnskyi @technolass @Bruce_Toews May have to get this recipe, too.  It sounds wonderful. May 27th
@angelgirl1976 I remember when FB did some changes to limit 3rd party apps a few years ago, you could no longer... https://t.co/6NLexLNsaJ May 17th
@angelgirl1976 I suspect Tweetymail would be affected as well.  I don't know for sure. May 17th
@kjw810 I didn't realize that Lori Benton had other books on BARD.  I'll have to take a look. May 17th
@angelgirl1976 I did enjoy myself on the trip. May 17th
@lynnskyi It was quite warm today.  Not sure what the high temp was.  It was at least in the upper 70s. May 17th
@robini71 Hope your senior Max the clock is doing well.  My senior citizen clocks are hanging in there. May 2nd
@angelgirl1976 @thomgore @songbird328 I'd order another breakfast burrito. May 2nd
@angelgirl1976 @thomgore @songbird328 The breakfast burrito wasn't bad tasting.  I'd try it again. May 2nd
@angelgirl1976 @thomgore @songbird328 I had one for the first time a few weeks ago.  One of the church van drivers gave it to me. May 2nd
@boogiechild5820 Bari, I will join you at the no mushrooms camp. May 2nd
@lynnskyi @santaarnold @tonysohl @tigrayrocks @angelgirl1976 This foggy MI brain would like to know how do you create your MP3 books, Lynn? Mar 21st
@lynnskyi @santaarnold @tonysohl @tigrayrocks @angelgirl1976 I know you have explained before how you make MP3 books.  My brain forgot. Mar 21st
@boogiechild5820 @nycki96 I sure hope the month goes out like a lamb. Mar 3rd
@angelgirl1976 I've been OK.  Like you, I have had some tech hiccups. Mar 2nd
@angelgirl1976 @santaarnold My computer is still being sluggish.  I had to restart in order to get Blue to open. Mar 2nd
@santaarnold Yes, Blue is my go-to Twitter client. Mar 2nd
@kjw810 That is the one thing I wish would improve with BARD Express.  That is one reason why I still go up to the.… https://t.co/OHgmHXZ Mar 2nd
@kjw810 If a person doesn't make it too spicy, you might like jambalaya.  I cannot have any shellfish. Mar 2nd
@WingnutKV Sounds like a good dinner. Mar 1st
@lynnskyi You're welcome.  I immediately thought of you when I saw that title. Mar 1st
@kjw810 This is under Recently Added books.  It shows more books added that day., if any. Mar 1st
@kjw810 Sometimes, I have to open the Go to Today's Up-to-the-Minute Additions link. Mar 1st
@boogiechild5820 Thanks for the Alt+Win+UP and Down arrow command. Feb 28th
@kjw810 Thanks for the CTRL+Win+K command.  I'll use that to go through some of the other keystrokes. Feb 28th
@tigrayrocks It was absolutely delicious and filling. Feb 22nd
@ShannonD10 I hope you can find something that helps you feel better. Feb 22nd
@tigrayrocks @boogiechild5820 @angelgirl1976 @boltonnut Wow! The west is cold. Feb 22nd
@delaware_shells Thanks for the message.  That has to be very hard and frustrating, living with constant pain. Feb 19th
@tigrayrocks @ShannonD10 Unfortunately, I have to attend a funeral of a relative in the morning.  Will be staying in otherwise. Feb 10th
@boogiechild5820 They were saying we could get more tomorrow night into Sunday. Enough already! Feb 10th
@kjw810 This sounds good.  Enjoy the party. Feb 10th
@boogiechild5820 As of 2 hours ago, the official total was just below 6 inches.  More is coming, though. Feb 10th
@thomgore The last time I checked, the temp was 24 degrees with snow and fog. Feb 10th
@ShannonD10 That's what I say--go away! Feb 10th
@lynnskyi Good.  Glad my first 2 messages sent from Open Tween came through. Feb 1st
@lynnskyi Don't worry.  You see I haven't gone anywhere and don't intend to anytime soon. Jan 29th
@gods_maria It sure is, particularly if you use programs such as TW Blue and such. Jan 29th
@angelgirl1976 Same for me.  I keep adding to my TBR list.  Will probably tame more than a lifetime to get through it. Jan 29th
@angelgirl1976 I have a new box of French toast sticks.  May eat some one night this coming week. Jan 29th
@ms_denverqueen Glad you talked with a friend.  Quiet days are not so bad. Jan 29th
@nycki96 There is a free trial of this. Jan 29th
@nycki96 Tweetymail is a way to receive mentions, tweets and such by email. Jan 29th
@ShannonD10 Sounds like a delicious dinner for you both. Jan 29th
@thomgore Thanks, Thom for the correction on the songs.  This is an interesting chart overall. Jan 29th
@morning_song @musicman5464 @themusicman08 Students who have made these omelets seem to like them.  May give this a try. Jan 23rd
@morning_song Not surprising to me, either.  Although I am the current chapter secretary, I have always had issues.… https://t.co/DjpZRkY Jan 23rd
@blindmikeohio Cool.  Glad you are enjoying your new Bible. Jan 23rd
@blindmikeohio I love thin and crispy crust.  Your pizza sounds good. Jan 23rd
@santaarnold @tonysohl I am not a fan of the labelers.  Any one I use seem to jam regularly and the one we have a... https://t.co/UBYXrqumL Jan 14th
@tonysohl So true.  I had this discussion with a current student and a coworker on how expensive it is to be... https://t.co/Ip9ga85KWp Jan 14th
@boogiechild5820 I just found out from a coworker that the NFB's Independence Market carries the plastic labels... https://t.co/3ODmBEfXZZ Jan 14th
@rcoasterfanatic That was a much needed laugh.  Unfortunately, aching head returned today. Jan 6th
@angelgirl1976 May that bad cold leave your mother-in-law soon with no return. Jan 6th
@robini71 So am I.  Tired of the season already. Jan 5th
@ShannonD10 Hope you don't have a cold and your sinuses clear soon. Jan 4th
@lino_and_rico If I had all of the ingredients, I would.  Will have to make soup another time. Jan 4th
@lino_and_rico @ShannonD10 @boogiechild5820 @angelgirl1976 @tigrayrocks No work for the rest of the week.  Closed... https://t.co/SCmc3K6RB Jan 4th
@jhall0106 Thank you.  The more I play, the more comfortable I am getting it seems. Jan 4th
@ShannonD10 Yum!  Sweet n' sour meatballs over rice sounds like a good meal. Jan 4th
@ShannonD10 I also liked Future Aids.  Found some neat things to use with students.  We no longer purchase items... https://t.co/yO2l0QSfy Jan 4th
@ShannonD10 @boogiechild5820 @angelgirl1976 @lino_and_rico @tigrayrocks It is so annoying when computers... https://t.co/VFimUl1jCh Jan 4th
@ShannonD10 Shannon, I hope you are feeling better. Jan 4th
@boltonnut I'm glad you are doing well, Robin.  Taking it easy today since we are closed. Jan 4th
@tigrayrocks Yes, NVDA is the screen reader I use at home. Dec 30th
@angelgirl1976 Plain ham sandwiches are good, particularly when the bread is toasted just right.  That's the way I.… https://t.co/YDVTRGT Dec 30th
@tigrayrocks Hello Vicki and all, I'm doing fine.  I'm just listening to the Top 100 of 1977 while going through these tweets. Dec 30th
@tigrayrocks Thank you very much.  I received the document and will save it after I send this message. Dec 30th
@kyle_cogan Homemade spaghetti is good stuff.  A former student made some delicious spaghetti about a month ago... https://t.co/GiaumyzMuh Dec 30th
@tigrayrocks Pizza sounds yummy.  That may be my Saturday night supper. Dec 30th
@tigrayrocks I have to save in txt if the document is one I will use with students.  The braille translation... https://t.co/stDFatoXct Dec 30th
@tigrayrocks I don't know how to use spreadsheets, either.  Might learn someday. Dec 30th
@tigrayrocks I also use and like Jarte.  I sometimes have to save the document as a txt file if it is used at work. Dec 30th
@tigrayrocks Sure.  You can send it to michigan_pal@hotmail.com There is an underscore between Michigan and pal. Dec 30th
@robini71 It was never my thing, either.  I tried to drink a mixed one in October at my 1th anniversary program. ... https://t.co/Wp3tIoGL Dec 30th
@BuffyHartland Hope you enjoy the book, Buffy.  I am looking forward to reading this myself. Dec 27th
@shefoof The area of Arctic weather widens. Dec 27th
@boogiechild5820 It sure is cold for Shannon's part of the earth.  Hope everyone in that area stays warm. Dec 27th
@boogiechild5820 Wow!  I could take your 80 right now.  Not too hot, just right. Dec 27th
@ShannonD10 You can say that again--brrrrr! Dec 27th
@ShannonD10 Sorry some of our frigid air has made it your way.  Stay warm.  The current temperature is 12 degrees here. Dec 27th
@ShannonD10 I use the screen keyboard from time.  I have been using dictation mostly. Dec 27th
@boogiechild5820 That was no problem other than Nugget hanging and almost hanging my computer.  I like Blue the best anyway. Dec 27th
@tigrayrocks Vicki how cold did it get last night.  At 10:30 this morning, the temp was 5 degrees.  Not sure what the temp is now. Dec 27th
@boltonnut They sure are.  From what I can tell, the addresses on the buildings here are not in numeric order.  What confusion. Dec 27th
@technolass Caroline, happy belated birthday.  I hope you had a blessed and wonderful day. Dec 27th
@lynnskyi I've heard a lot about this book.  That is near the top of my 2018 TBR list. Dec 27th
@tigrayrocks I do like Tweetymail.  I need to find out if it can be set to allow longer tweets to be sent. Dec 23rd
@angelgirl1976 I'll try to challenge you to a game on Kingdoms.  Couldn't find you earlier. Dec 23rd
@angelgirl1976 I have Diceworld linked to both Twitter and FB.  So I think I do. Dec 23rd
@lynnskyi Hi Lynn, I'm doing pretty good.  It has been relatively quiet day. Dec 23rd
@luvlabguidedogs Yum yum!  What are you baking? Dec 23rd
@luvlabguidedogs A nap is a good thing.  Hope you felt better after it. Dec 22nd
@angelgirl1976 I had to go across town to get a new hairdo.  As I mentioned earlier, no hairdo today. Dec 18th
@robini71 I agree with that minister.  The best translation is definitely one that will be read regularly. Dec 17th
@robini71 The app is called tweetymail.  It allows you to retweet and respond to tweets, mentions, and such by email. Dec 16th
@tigrayrocks Yes, your hint was very helpful.  The restart worked like a charm. Dec 16th