Im Arantza, Cosgrover all dha way! Iove to enjoy life as much as I can & im a fun person 2 be with. Go ahead & talk to me! :)

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i really should've stayed home today...theres nothin todo!!! :-/ Sep 21st
im so bored! Anyone online I can talk to??? :-/ Sep 18th
omg im falling asleep :( Aug 29th
Im sooo bored in school right now!! :/ Aug 29th
OMGGGG these last few days of skool r soo lame!!! >.< any1 online who can tweet me 2 entertain me??? May 31st
@CarlyMarieC heyy yesss!! I got it on ebay last night!! Thanks for asking! :D May 30th
#nowplaying Million Dollars - @MirandaCosgrove :) My most FAVE song ever!!! I love the lyrics soo much i totally relate 2it! haha :D <3 May 30th
#nowplaying Shakespeare - @MirandaCosgrove :) <3 May 30th
yaay my teacher let me listen 2 @MirandaCosgrove in class since we're not doing anything....ugh thank GOD!!!! :D May 30th
EVERY single time after i have lunch i get the freakin hickups!! Their soooo annoying & plus, they hurt! >.< ughhh.... May 30th
When u & a friend email each other stupid things during class & ur the only 2 laughing in the room... #Somuchfun! XD May 30th
UGH i would listen 2 @MirandaCosgrove but im not allowed 2use my fone &my stupid bro kept my flash drive which has her music on it!! > May 29th
yeppers haha May 29th
@iCarlycr​uise2 yeeeah hahahahah May 29th
plus am not allowed 2use my fone so i just tweet n get replies for now lol atleast its sumthing right? May 29th
@iCarlycr​uise2 icant really se anything lol im tweeting from my email cuz everything's blocked on the skool's computer... :P May 29th
am bored as hell in skool right now!!!! some1 entertain meeeeeee!!!! May 29th
@haarisah​_x ooh thats cool ! May 29th
sitting next 2my friend but sadly cant talk to him cuz hes doin work >.< ugh lol May 21st
havin a pretty chill day :P May 21st
I passed my FCAT!!!!! :D Im sooo happy ! lol May 21st
YUMMM my teacher gave me this deeelish chocolate cupcake!!! :D @MirandaCosgrove want some?? LOL :P May 10th
Chillin on the computer listening to @MirandaCosgrove! YAAAY igot no work to do 4 now! XD ilove doin this Apr 3rd
#nowplaying Million Dollars - @MirandaCosgrove <3 :) Apr 3rd
@MirandaCosgrove ur awsome!!! <3 I love u lots girl & cant wait to see u again this summer! :) Apr 3rd
having rehersal for Coffee House today! am scared wattif my friend makes a mistake again! UGH lol o well :P Apr 3rd
I hope to get a reply from @MirandaCosgrove soon! <3 would rlllly make my day... :P Apr 2nd
blaaaah am bored can some1 talk 2meeeh? today sux!!! :/ Apr 2nd
@MirandaCosgrove Congrats on the 100th episode!!! Love u lots! <3 Mar 9th