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longest day ever May 11th
dude retiring today is frail as shit, I can't wait that long Apr 27th
Realistically trying to retire by 55 Apr 27th
2017 is damn near over Apr 21st
its times like this I realize I take being able to breathe outta both nostrils for granted Apr 19th
@NateJuice ok but why wouldn't you use a warriors reference.. Apr 12th
@NateJuice I don't, please explain Apr 12th
Pollen - 1 Me - 0 Apr 12th
@Long_Live_Erock @Wadd_LO this is a made up fuckin holiday Eric Mar 28th
I wouldn't wish the feeling the falcons gave me (feb 5th to foreseeable future) on any true fan Mar 28th
RT @ColeyMick: Julio caught that ball at the 22 yard line with 4 minutes left and Matt Ryan proceeded to lose 28 yards the next three downs Mar 28th
@SteveDoe_ when you get a twitter? lol but they about to come lookin Feb 24th
@LetoLior yeah someone gonna come lookin and it'll be long gone lol its a bank credit tho Feb 23rd
a random $200 just hit my account lol somebody fucked up Feb 23rd
Play basketball or get this Margarita.... Feb 22nd
can't even get my donuts cause the café ladies at work are all on strike Feb 17th
lost the snooze button battle this morning Feb 14th
@Long_Live_Erock @Wadd_LO need a week to think about it Feb 6th
@ImHipHopHead nope Feb 6th
and the weather does not help Jan 3rd
The struggle is real this morning Jan 3rd
I needs this 2nd degree Dec 29th
nobody here brings their lunch..they eat out https://t.co/hnZaCl5HGN Dec 28th
Im stuck with Pandora radio Dec 28th
they got a lot of sites blocked here, but it hurts that they got Spotify blocked Dec 28th