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For power users

  • Access to all features
  • 15 email alerts
  • Unlimited tweets
  • Unlimited follows
  • Unlimited latest requests
  • Unlimited direct messages
  • No advertisements



Most popular plan

  • Access to all features

    Exclusive Features For Subscribers

    • Reply and retweet directly from your inbox
    • Receive ultra-fast email alerts
    • Tweet over 140 characters
    • Schedule tweets and other actions
    • Easily retry actions when Twitter is unavailable
    • Get enhanced notifications for New Followers
    • Get enhanced notifications for Direct Messages
  • 10 email alerts

    The Best Twitter Email Alerts Available

    Create alerts to automatically receive emails containing mentions, Twitter search results, and other tweets. As a paying subscriber, your email alerts will usually arrive within a matter of seconds. The best part? You can reply and retweet directly from the alert email itself!
  • Unlimited tweets

    The Easiest Way to Tweet Via Email

    Tweet by sending an email to You can include links and attach pictures, and tweetymail will automatically shorten URLs. Want to tweet over 140 characters? Send your email to instead. You can schedule tweets too!
  • Unlimited follows

    Follow Users Directly From Your Inbox

    Start following someone on Twitter by sending an email to with their username in the subject line. With tweetymail's New Follower notification, you can also view detailed information about your new followers and easily follow them back without leaving your inbox. You can unfollow and block users by sending email too!
  • Unlimited latest requests

    Request Your Twitter Timeline

    Send an email to and tweetymail will respond immediately with the latest tweets from the people you follow. You can also request tweets from a specific user or from a Twitter list. It's the easiest way to keep up with Twitter wherever you have access to email.
  • Unlimited direct messages

    Send and Reply to Direct Messages

    Send and reply to direct messages directly from your inbox! Just send your message to with the recipient's username in the subject line. With tweetymail's Direct Message notification, you can also see your conversation history and easily reply when you receive a new direct message.
  • No advertisements



Access to all features

  • Access to all features
  • 5 email alerts
  • 500 tweets per month
  • 200 follows per month
  • 200 latest requests per month
  • 100 direct messages per month
  • No advertisements
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How does the sign up process work?

Select a plan by clicking the corresponding Sign Up button. You will be prompted to enter your Twitter username and to choose a method of payment. Your account will be ready as soon as you complete the sign up. It takes less than 60 seconds!

How do I upgrade my existing account?

You can sign up here to change the access level of an existing tweetymail account. Simply enter the Twitter username associated with your account and we will automatically preserve the settings from your existing account.

Do you allow commercial or automated usage?

Yes, although, FULL and MAX are intended for personal use only. Accounts intending to use tweetymail for commercial purposes or high-volume automation must sign up for Business Access.

What if I want to change my plan or cancel?

No problem! Your subscription is billed on a month-to-month basis. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your account at anytime. If you cancel, you will continue to have access for the time period for which you already paid.

Which methods of payment do you accept?

We use PayPal to accept payments and to manage your subscription. PayPal accepts credit cards and is extremely safe and secure. All changes to your payment information can be managed directly via your PayPal account.

I have more questions...

We'll be happy to answer them! Send an email to and we'll respond as soon as possible!

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