Frequently Asked Questions

What is tweetymail?

tweetymail is a complete email interface to Twitter. It provides three powerful sets of features for interacting with Twitter via email:
  • Email-based Twitter app: tweetymail allows you to use most of Twitter's features by sending a quick email. You can tweet, view your timeline, send and reply to direct messages, follow users, and more. It's just like a desktop or mobile app for Twitter - except that it works anywhere you have access to your email!
  • Automatic email alerts: tweetymail provides quick and easy email alerts for Twitter. You can automatically receive mentions, create Twitter searches, receive tweets from a Twitter list, and receive your Twitter timeline. tweetymail email alerts are really fast and often arrive in less than 2 minutes. Best of all, you can retweet and reply to tweets directly from your inbox!
  • Awesome Twitter notifications: Let's face it - the standard notifications that Twitter sends for new followers and direct messages are not very useful. tweetymail can replace these notifications with detailed emails that contain links to take action immediately.

Why use tweetymail?

Simply put - tweetymail is the most convenient and full-featured email service available for Twitter. For some users, tweetymail is their primary Twitter application. For others, it provides the fastest way to post and keep up with tweets while on the go. tweetymail works anywhere you have to access to email and is especially designed for email-capable mobile phones. Unlike other "email-to-twitter" and "twitter alert" services, tweetymail provides a comprehensive feature set and there are no secret email addresses to use. tweetymail is also really, really fast. Whether you prefer to work out of your email inbox or not, using tweetymail will add an entirely new level of convenience to your Twitter experience.

How do I use tweetymail?

You start by telling tweetymail what email address you want to associate with your Twitter identity. You can then use that email address to send and receive information from Twitter. For example, you can tweet by sending an email to or request the latest tweets from your timeline by sending an email to tweetymail will know who you are based on the "from" address of your emails. You can also create alerts and automatically receive mentions and other tweets at your email address. It takes less than 30 seconds to setup.

Is it safe?

Yes. tweetymail utilizes a "sender verification" feature to ensure that emails "from" you are truly coming from your email account. This features relies on common email authentication protocols and works with most email providers. By default, tweetymail will reject any email that fails verification. You also have the option of disabling verification in the rare case that your email provider has not configured their servers to follow authentication protocols. In that scenario, the best protection is to send your emails from an email address that is not known by someone who might try to forge your emails.

What are the differences between FREE, FULL, and MAX access?

We continually work to add powerful and convenient features to tweetymail. In order to use these features more frequently, and get access to the best of these features, you need a subscription to either FULL access or MAX access. Without a subscription, you are limited to a subset of tweetymail's features and are allowed less usage: this is known as FREE access. FULL access and MAX access provide complete access to all of tweetymail's features. The primary difference between the two is that MAX access is intended for users who require the highest amount of usage (see usage comparison below). Here is a brief summary of the advantages of signing up for a subscription:
  • Send more tweets and direct messages per month
  • Request timelines and tweets from your friends more often per month
  • Retweet and reply to tweets directly from your inbox
  • Post tweets longer than 140 characters
  • Create more than just two automatic email alerts
  • Receive email alerts in seconds or minutes (versus several minutes with FREE access)
  • Receive detailed and powerful notifications for new followers and direct messages
  • Schedule tweets and other actions at a specific time or based on a time delay
  • Take advantage of simple retry options when an action such as a tweet fails
  • Receive access to new features as they are added
  • Get customer support
Here is a comparison of the amount of usage allowed by each type of access:
Access level Tweets per month Latest (timeline) requests per month Follows/unfollows/blocks per month Direct messages per month Email alerts
FREE 100 50 20 20 2
FULL 500 200 200 100 5
MAX Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 10
Sign up right now to get started with FULL access or MAX access! Regardless of whether you choose to sign up for FREE access, FULL access, or MAX access, we are confident that you will find that tweetymail is by far the best email service available for Twitter.

How can I review tweetymail for a news article or blog post?

If you are a journalist or blogger interested in reviewing tweetymail, please contact us for free access to the full feature set.

Does tweetymail support international languages?

Absolutely! tweetymail supports the Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, and Russian languages just to name a few. Just make sure your email client is configured to use "UTF-8" character encoding.

Sender verification failed for my custom domain. How do I fix this?

This usually happens because you have not published a valid SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record for your custom domain. If you are using Google Apps or the Gmail "send as" feature, you can fix this by following these instructions for publishing an SPF record. It is easy to find similar instructions for creating an SPF record if you manage your domain name using another hosting service.

How do I use tweetymail to tweet reminders from Google Calendar?

This is really easy to set up! Since Google Calendar always sends reminders to your Gmail account, you first need to create a filter in Gmail that will forward the reminder to "" (see this how-to if you need help). On the tweetymail side of things, you simply need to link your Gmail address in your tweetymail setings. Do not link "" as your email address because this will not work.

I have a problem / found a bug / would like a feature / etc...

Sure thing! Follow @tweetymailApp on Twitter and visit our support forum. We love to hear your feedback!


tweetymail was created by Anil Chawla and is a product of ExactByte Labs, LLC. The tweetymail logo was designed by Eric Azares.